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6 July, 2017

Lose your money on an off plan Spanish property that was never built?

David Fuster of Fuster & Associates shares some insight in to a recent case, where a client lost his deposit on an off plan property in […]
5 April, 2017

Madrid continues to charge Plusvalía tax to properties sold at a loss while other regions have annulled the tax

The City of Madrid will continue to apply the municipal capital surtax, known as “plusvalía tax” on those real estate transfers which have been sold at […]
29 March, 2017

Holiday rental licences in the Valencian Community

This year the Spanish government are more thoroughly investigating holiday licences, making it compulsory to adhere to these strict rules. In the past a holiday licence […]
16 March, 2017

2015/2016 year-on-year growth of Spanish property sales by region

In the diagrams below, we can see the total year-on-year growth for properties sales throughout Spain. We have broken down the growth from used properties and […]
16 March, 2017

What is the Plusvalia tax and could you reclaim it?

What is the plusvalía tax? The plusvalía tax has become a very controversial legal issue when dealing with laws around Spanish real estate. It is a tax […]
16 March, 2017

The effects of Brexit on the Spanish property market

Since 2013 the real estate market has increased very steadily with the UK being the biggest foreign contributor towards Spanish property purchases. Despite the growth over […]
18 February, 2017

Brussels requires Spanish Tax Services changes in Form 720

The EU considers excessive the penalties the Spanish Tax Services impose to those not properly declaring their assets in a different country. The penalties are disproportionate, […]
18 February, 2017

I have paid the plusvalía tax, how do I reclaim?

The Spanish Constitutional Court knocked down the plusvalia tax last friday as it is a tax to be paid by the property vendors even in those […]