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16 March, 2017

The effects of Brexit on the Spanish property market

Since 2013 the real estate market has increased very steadily with the UK being the biggest foreign contributor towards Spanish property purchases. Despite the growth over […]
28 July, 2017

Brexit brief: Latest developments July 2017

The Brexit process represents a challenge to Britain in future years without the support of the European Community. Movements in financial markets reveal the effect of […]
21 August, 2017

British Retirees Rush to Settle in Europe ahead of Brexit

According to financial advisers, British retirees are rushing to settle in European countries such as Spain, Portugal and France before the Brexit deadline, believing that such a move […]
1 September, 2017

European Union Set to Intensify Brexit Negotiations

The European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has expressed concern about progress so far, as the third round of Brexit talks gets under way. He warned […]