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8 March, 2019
selling a house in spain process

Selling a house in Spain. The process.

Are you selling your house in Spain? While it isn´t our intention to discourage you from selling your property in Spain, it is important to keep […]
2 March, 2019

No-deal Brexit for Britons living in Spain.

Green light for contingency measures should the UK leave the European Union If you’re a British resident currently living in Spain, you’re probably concerned about your […]
18 February, 2019
Occupancy Certificate

The Occupancy Certificate in Spain

What is the Occupancy Certificate in Spain and how do you go about getting it? The Spanish Certificate of Occupancy – also known as occupancy certificate […]
11 February, 2019
modelo 720 form 720 illegal

Is the modelo 720 illegal?

Could the “720 Form” (Overseas Asset Declaration) be deemed illegal by the EU? Did you know that the current Spanish regulation pertaining to the obligation to […]
10 February, 2019

Murcia tourist rental licence – quick guide

How to register your property as a holiday rental in Murcia. Are you renting your property in Murcia for short periods of time? Then, you are  subject […]
7 February, 2019

First steps to buying a house for the first time in Spain

These first steps are important if you desire to obtain the best amongst property deals in Spain. Step 1 Warming up the Purchase Engine! Take a […]
16 January, 2019
international new ariport murcia

New international airport in the Spanish Mediterranean coast

Murcia airport was officially inaugurated on January 15th. The Region of Murcia International Airport will operate across the UK and Europe, with 12 destinations in three […]
15 January, 2019

Airbnb to inform the Spanish Tax Agency.

Airbnb to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about its hosts’ tax details Digital home rental platform Airbnb has recently implemented a new tool which, will make […]