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18 February, 2017

Spanish Constitutional Court knocks down the “plusvalía” taxes when the vendor did not make a profit in the sale of his property

The Spanish Constitutional Court has void the known as “plusvalía tax”, being theoretically speaking a tax to be paid in those cases in which a property […]
25 January, 2017

What information should be consulted before making a firm offer on a property?

Seven ‘extras’ that should be taken into account after agreeing the price of your property in Spain Searching for a flat on property portals requires investing […]
25 January, 2017

House sales to top half a million units in 2017 for the first time since 2008

Residential property prices will rise 4.3% and new home construction will grow by 20% to 74,000 units BBVA predicts that property prices will rise by a […]
25 January, 2017

Frequently asked questions about the procedure to recover overpaid mortgage interest

Last friday was approved the Royal Decree regulating the procedure on how to reclaim the overpaid mortgage interest. These are the most frequently asked questions about […]
11 January, 2017

Trend change: BBVA and Bankinter raise the price of their fixed rate mortgages

Bankinter has raised the APR of its 10 year mortgage from 2.62% to 2.82%; from 2.63% to 2.94% over 15 years and from 2.83% to 3.09% […]
11 January, 2017

Land registry update puts up property tax in 1,895 towns, reducing it in 557 others

The amount paid by home, shop and land owners each year in property taxes (IBI) will rise from January in 1,895 towns while it will fall […]
11 January, 2017

Housing market on the road to equilibrium in 2016

Following the sharp upswing at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, the figures now show a certain trend towards normalisation. There are still […]
9 August, 2016

Eurostat registers strongest price growth since the boom

It’s been clear for a while that Spanish property is well on the road to recovery and the positive data just keeps flooding in from all […]