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6 November, 2017
insurance claims

12 Firms under Investigation for Participating in False Insurance Claims in Spain

The UK’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has joined forces with Scotland Yard to investigate 12 law firms it suspects have “improper links” with claims management companies […]
6 November, 2017

Optimistic Outlook for Spanish Property in 2018

MORE new residential developments are being completed now than any other time since the crash, latest figures reveal. Between January and July, 33,085 homes, mostly apartments […]
6 November, 2017
Costa del Sol property development

Property Prices Continue To Soar Across Spain in 2017

Reports indicate that property prices in Spain could increase by as much as 5% in 2018, thanks to rapidly increasing demand that has been buoyed by […]
6 November, 2017

British Expats Surge in Spain, Portugal and France before Brexit

PENSIONERS trying to settle into retirement are facing a rush to move to European countries like Spain and Portugal before Brexit negotiations are concluded. Hundreds of […]
6 November, 2017

What Happens If You Are Fined For Renting An Apartment On Airbnb?

Barcelona City Council has recently imposed sanctions on users of properties rented via the holiday home portal website Airbnb in an attempt to bring regulation into […]
23 October, 2017

Residential Property Investment Rises To 4.5% Of Spain’s GDP

According to the Bank of Spain, residential property investment is set to top 4.5% of Spain’s GDP by the end of the year. “This is similar […]
23 October, 2017

Landlords in Spain to get Better Protection from Squatters and Tenants who don’t Pay Rent

Proposals have been approved to tighten up on trespassing and the illegal occupation of property in Spain. Until now, home there have been mechanisms in place […]
23 October, 2017

Why Brexit Shouldn’t Deter British Homebuyers in Spain

Although the Brexit process is shrouded in mystery for the most part, it doesn’t seem to have dampened British taste for Spanish property; in fact transaction […]