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6 December, 2017

The Supreme Court Agrees With The Banks On All The Cases of Spanish Mortgages With IRPH

The judicial decision considers there is not lack of transparency and it is not abusive to use this index, and so it is not possible to […]
11 January, 2018

These are the 10 banks that received most claims in 2017 due to their abusive mortgage clauses

2017 wasn’t just any year for consumers or banks. Quite the opposite: it will go down in history as the starting point for massive claims for […]
4 March, 2020

The EU High Court rules the IRPH to be potentially abusive

The EU Court of Justice issued its ruling on the controversial Spanish IRPH mortgage index. In the judgement ruled out on March 3, the CJEU stated […]
18 May, 2022

When investing in a new development, Fuster & Associates guarantees safety.

A bank must refund 38,500 euros to buyers of a failed urbanization project in Moratalla. CaixaBank, guarantor of the developer in bankruptcy proceedings. Progofer Quality S.L., […]