David Fuster of Fuster & Associates shares some insight in to a recent case, where a client lost his deposit on an off plan property in Spain. Did you know that since December 2015, you have an entitlement to reclaim your money back from the banks for any off plan property deposits? David says, “When my client first contacted me he was extremely wary. He felt he could not trust anyone related to the process of his property purchase nor the legal system. He had been through such a nightmare that he felt exploited by any form of legal representation.” This client was understandably frustrated. He had bought the property through a lawyer, who paid the property developer the stage payment. In 2007, the property developer went bust. When he asked what options he had, he did not get any clear answers. At this point, he moved to another law firm.

Is this starting to sound familiar? “The second law firm advised him to start legal proceedings against the property developer,” says David. “This is a common mistake made by inexperienced lawyers. Several careless errors and incorrect advice created a nightmare situation for my client.” Through continued reassurance, patience, and diligence, Fuster & Associates worked with the client to collate all available documents and win his trust.  The case ended with a lawsuit against the bank and a ruling in the client’s favour. “We won not only the €46,000 deposit, but also the interest accumulated over 10 years, plus the legal fees.” David says, “This is how the case should have been resolved back in 2007.”

Fuster & Associates have won over 100 cases with a 100% success rate. They can provide you with the utmost confidence in your claim through both ‘No Win, No Fee’ terms, and a ‘No Litigation Costs Guarantee’. If you have further questions and would like to talk to David directly, please click here.