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5 March, 2018

The Supreme Court says that customers, and not the bank, should pay for mortgage taxes

The Supreme sides with the banks on mortgage tax payments The Supreme Court has established that it shall be consumers, and not banks, who must pay […]
22 November, 2018

Quick guide to mortgage expenses in Spain.

Who covers the expenses when a mortgage is constituted in Spain? Saying that 2018 has been a turbulent year for the Spanish mortgage market would be […]
14 December, 2018

Spanish Mortgage Law: Latest News for property owners

The Spanish Congress of Deputies approves a new mortgage law. The new law will come into force in March 2019, once approved by the Senate and […]
6 June, 2019

How will mortgages be signed in Spain when the new real estate credit law comes into effect?

More Information for Citizens and a compulsory visit to the Notary. The new Real Estate Credit Law will come into effect on Monday June 17 reinforcing […]