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20 July, 2017

Supreme Court Rules ‘Plusvalia’ Calculation “Impossible to Apply”

In a recent ruling against the City of Cuenca’s suggested formula to calculate municipal taxes or Plusvalia payments on property transactions, Spain’s Supreme Court settled the […]
6 October, 2017

What you should know about ‘New’ Municipal Added Value Tax

At the end of last July, the Spanish government approved a bill modifying the law on property transfers that annulled the payment of municipal surplus value […]
21 February, 2018

The municipal Plusvalía tax, null even if home values are increasing

More and more courts are understanding that as long as there’s no new tax, no surplus can be collected. If you sold your home in Madrid […]
18 November, 2019
latest news about the municipal capital gain (Plusvalía Municipal)

Municipal capital gain tax: New Constitutional Court ruling

Find out the latest news about the municipal capital gain (Plusvalía Municipal) tax in cases where it’s greater than the profit obtained when selling the property. […]