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15 May, 2015

Registrars record 2.65% price increase in first quarter

The price of property in Spain rose by 2.65% in the first quarter of 2015 according to Spain’s Registrars. The data means that the year has […]
10 June, 2015

Prices drop nationally but rise on the coast

The price of property in Spain continued to fall nationally according to the Tinsa statistics released for the month of May. The valuation company’s data showed […]
16 June, 2015

TM Director shares views on Spain’s property sector

In an interview with the popular Spanish property portal Idealista, the property developer TM Real Estate Group has revealed that two thirds of its sales are […]
13 July, 2015

First half of 2015 sees prices rise on Spain’s coast

The Mediterranean Coast was hit incredibly hard by Spain’s property crisis but now seems to be on the road to recovery after prices increased by 1.8% […]