This year the Spanish government are more thoroughly investigating holiday licences, making it compulsory to adhere to these strict rules.

In the past a holiday licence wasn’t necessary to rent out a property, however, since 2015 it has been made the law to have a holiday rental licence for all types of holiday accommodation rental in the Valencian Community.

What are the key rules for a rental licence in Valencia?

  • You must obtain your general rental licence and display it on all property advertisements, failure to do so could result in a fine for the owner.
  • You must register as a company (empresa) if you are renting more than 5 properties
  • You must register each property individually if you rent between 2-4 holiday properties (you must display you general rental licence of advertisements)

What properties require a licence?

Each autonomous community in Spain has its own rules and legislation regarding holiday and short-term rentals. However, most regions will comply with the following requirements:

A licence is required for the following properties:

  • Detached house for short-term rentals with hotel services (B&B)
  • Apartments in tourist complexes
  • Apartments in buildings where all properties are rented

A licence is not required for the following properties:

  • Detached house with no rental service and cleaning only
  • Apartments for rental over terms over 1–2 months
  • Apartments that are not in tourist complexes

What if my property does align with the above requirements?

If your property fits the property requirements above then by law, you will need to obtain a holiday rental license.

We recommend starting the process as soon as possible in order to avoid any large fines in the future.

Requirements of the property for tourist rental in the Valencian community:

Once you have obtained a holiday rental licence then you will also need to make sure that you adhere to the following requirements according to the classification outlined in Decree 92/2009






Public entrance

(property on floor 2 & above)

(property on floor 3 & above)

(property on floor 4 & above)

Sound & heat insulation
Noise level of facilities Regulated by Law 7/2002 on Protection Against Noise Pollution
Plug sockets in all bedroom with labels showing voltage
Air conditioning in bedrooms
Air conditioning in living rooms
Heating in bedrooms
Heating in living rooms
Telephone or access to internet
Hot water
Garden space
Swimming pool (interchangeable for beach front)
Individual safes
Evacuation plan on the door of the property
Easily visible list of emergency and other useful telephone numbers
Min double bedroom size including wardrobe 12m² 10m² 8m²
Min main bedroom size including wardrobe 14m² 12m² 10m²
Min single bedroom size including wardrobe 9m² 8m² 6m²
Min size of living/dining room & kitchen 26m² 22m² 18m²
Min size of living/dining room 20m² 17m² 14m²
Bathroom or toilet
Min size of bathroom 6.5m² 4.5m² 4.5m²
Minimum size of kitchen 8m² 7m² 5m²
Minimum size of studio apartments 34m² 29m² 24m²
Wardrobe for every bedroom
Oven / Microwave
Electric iron
Extractor Fan
Washing machine
Colour TV
Laundry room



As an owner, you are also expected to have in place a specific rental insurance that covers public liability.

This is to protect the person staying in the property in case anything should happen to them or their belongings when staying at your property.

Declaration of income from rentals

Spanish homeowners which rent their properties out to tourists are expected to declare their earnings and pay any tax which is due.

This is not part of new regulations, however, the government have become increasingly strict on licences due to tax avoidance. The Spanish Government estimates there are around 2.9 billion Euros of undeclared income on holiday rentals each year.


Need assistance with your holiday rental licence?

For further assistance, fill in our online form on our tourist rental licence page and a member of team will be able to help you with your holiday rental licence.


Photo by: djrich999