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Read the following legal warning related to the website of FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. carefully.
1.1. Internet service provider identification details.
In accordance with article 10 of the law 34/2002, regarding Internet Services and Electronic commerce, we hereby inform you that FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., with Tax ID number B73214108, manages the contents of the website https://fuster-associates.com, with a registered address at ‘Avenida de La Libertad, 301 – 1ª planta P.6 CP 30710 Los Alcázares (Murcia)’.

FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. is inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Murcia ‘Registro Mercantil de Murcia’, in tome 1937, page 156, and sheet MU 42.209, first inscription.
Should you wish to get in contact with us, you can go to the above address or call us at (+34 968575650), e-mail: info@fuster-associates.com.

1.2. Acceptation and effect of the general and particular conditions
Both the browsing and/or the use and/or the ordering of any of the products offered on this website make you the user and mean the acceptance of each and every of the general conditions, and if applicable, particular conditions in place when you, as a user, access the web page.

FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. reserves the right to unilaterally increase and modify the web page contents, presentation and configuration, without previous warning, as well as temporarily suspend the presentation, configuration and technical specifications and website services in the same way..

2.1. Obligations of use
In general terms, the user is compelled to comply with the present terms of conditions of use and always work in compliance with the law, good practice and in good faith, and with the conscientiousness required by the nature of the service he is availing of, abstaining from using this website in any other way that could impede, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning of same, the assets or rights of the owner, FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., the other users or in general, any third party.

In particular, without implying any restrictions on the obligation as taken on board by the user, in general terms and in conforming to contents of the previous paragraph, when using this web, the user has to comply with the following:

• Should he be assigned one, the user should safeguard the ‘user name’ and ‘password’ given to him by FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., as identifying elements which facilitate his access to the different services offered by the website, and he is committed to not handing over the use of same nor allow access to same by third parties, taking responsibility for the liquidated damage which could arise from an improper use of same.

• No information or material that could be defamatory, damaging, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, encourage violence or discrimination because of race, sex, ideology, religion or which could, in any way go against the moral, public order, fundamental rights, public freedom, honour, privacy or reputation, of third parties and in general, which infringes the current Spanish law and that of the user’s country of origin is to be stored or diffused on the website. .

• No computer programs, data, virus, code or any other files which could cause damages or changes to the website, in any of its services or any of the equipment, systems or networks of FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., of any user or in general to third parties, which could impede the normal functioning of same are to be installed in the website

• The details, information, programs, electronic documents, or in general the files of FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. , of the users or third parties must not be destroyed, altered, disabled, damaged, or used for the user’s own use.

FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. will be able to, without previous warning, modify these general Conditions as well as the Particular Conditions, changes which, will be published on the website so the users are informed of same.
2.2. Exclusion of liability

FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. will not be responsible for:

• In general terms, regarding the inappropriate use of the web: users must use the web appropriately, in accordance with the previous terms and conditions and it is not the owner’s responsibility if the website is used inappropriately.

• With respect to possible technical deficiencies: FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. will not be responsible, in any case, for alterations in the service due to problems in the electrical network, in the data connection network, the server or any other services lent.

• Access to the system by third parties: FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. will take the necessary cautionary measures to protect the data and information accessed, but it will not be responsible for third party actions who by, infringing established security measures, access said data

• FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. is constantly investing in technological means that try to minimise the risk of virus and similar software, as well as non-authorised content in its information systems. Despite this, the user is aware that he must adopt his own measures to minimise damage caused by non-authorised software, virus, non-authorized, virus, Trojans and any other type of software classed as malware, absolving FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. from all responsibility of the containment of malware in treatment authorised in this web.

2.3. Use of hyperlinks
Internet users who wish to include links from their own webs on the webpage, must fulfil the conditions set out below, and claiming of not being aware of these conditions does not make the user exempt from the relevant legal responsibilities, as set out by law.

The link will only be linked to the home page or main page of the webpage but in no way will it be able to be copy it (inline links, copying of texts, graphics, etc.). It is absolutely forbidden, as set out by the current applicable legislation, to set up frames of any type which envelop the webpage or allow for the content to be seen, via internet addresses that are different from the webpage and in any case, when they can be seen, if they are seen with content that has nothing to do with the web page and therefore:

(I) leads to or could lead to errors, confusion or deception of the users as to what the real origin of the service or contents is;

(II) is considered to be an act of comparison or disloyal imitation;

(III) is used to benefit from the reputation and the brand and prestige of FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L.; or

(IV), in any way, is prohibited by the current legislation.

There will be no false, inexact or incorrect statements of any type about FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., its address, employees, customers or about the quality of the services it offers.

On the page where the link figures, in no case is it permitted to state that FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. has given its consent to insert the link or in any other way has sponsored, collaborated, verified or supervised the services provided by the submitter.

It is forbidden to use any word marks, graphics or a mixture or any other distinctive signs of FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. in the submitter’s page except in cases permitted by law or expressly authorised by FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. and in these cases, a direct link to the webpage in the way described in this clause

The page that sets up the link should accurately comply with the law and it cannot make available or link to the submitter’s own content or that of third parties which may be:

(I) unlawful, harmful or go against the moral and good practices (pornographic, violent, racist etc.);

(II) incite or could incite the user to believe that FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. subscribes to, backs, is joined to or in any way promotes the ideas, demonstrations or expressions, lawful or unlawful of the submitter;

(III) are inappropriate or not related to the activity being carried out, as regards the place, contents and subject matter of the submitter’s webpage.

In the same way, the user will abstain from including any hyperlinks (from here on, ‘link’) in the webpage which leads to a webpage that contains illicit information or content, which goes against the moral and good practices generally accepted or against public order.

2.4. Intellectual and industrial property
The structure, design and the way in which elements in this web are presented (graphs, images, photographs, samples and materials which appear on same, industrial technologies, files, logotypes, colour combinations and any other element liable for protection), are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights belonging to the owner or to those who have obtained the corresponding rights of use.

The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available to the public and in general, any type of exploitation, whether partial or total of the elements referred to previously, is forbidden. Publication on other webs or other means of digital or written communication need the express consent by the web owner and in all cases, direct reference must be made to the owner of said rights of intellectual property that is FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L. The use of distinctive signs (brands, commercial names), unless specifically authorised, is forbidden.

Unless specifically authorised by FUSTER CONSULTING, S.L., links to ‘final pages’, the ‘frame’ and any other similar manipulation is permitted. Links should always be in the main or homepage of the website.

2.5. Applicable jurisdiction and legislation
The terms and conditions set out in this website and everything related that can be found herein is subject to Spanish legislation.

Any controversy that could arise from using this website will be jurisdiction of the courts of Murcia.

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