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Buying a house
in Spain?

360 conveyancing service frees up buyers' time.

Our services cover all aspects of property ownership in Spain and include conveyancing for purchase and sale, tax for foreign property owners, wills and services exclusively for non-EU buyers in Murcia’s Costa Calida, as well as the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

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Our property solicitors protect your interests and your dream from the potential legal loopholes that may stop you from achieving it. We do not hesitate in taking action when a deal looks unreputable or unstable.

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Our victories

Fuster & Associates always ensures that every process undertaken on behalf of our clients is completed successfully with solutions sought, identified and applied to any problem which arises.



Mr Johnson had been told that inheritors would be liable to pay €200,000 inheritance tax upon inheriting the property.


We advised Mr Johnson that he should buy the usufruct of the property in his own name, which would give him the right to its use, while buying the bare ownership in the name of his children. This would mean that the children of Mr Johnson would not be forced to pay an exorbitant amount of inheritance tax during the probate process.



Mr Claes needed a mortgage in Belgium to be able to cover the cost of his property purchase but also needed to sign a pre-purchase contract to secure the property with a €10,000 deposit.


Our advice was to tell Mr Claes to insert a cancellation clause into the contract whereby if the mortgage was not granted then his €10,000 deposit would be returned. In the end Mr Claes did not get the desired mortgage and due to the clause he avoided losing his €10,000 deposit.

Our commitment to provide best quality property law services.

• Independent firm with integrity – chooses who to work with, that’s the way to protect your interest.

• Thoroughness of each process – checking through gaps and errors made by third Parties

• Guides and resources to give you the information that will help you to understand Real State law and other issues.

• One point of contact for everything.

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Fuster & Associates firm is proud to provide the following helpful resources to assist their clients through their process of buying a house and moving to Spain. Resources made by our property solicitors.