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What's The Fuster Standard?

The Fuster helps property business like yours:


Increase your property portfolio


Broaden your area of coverage


Minimise your business risks

We want to ensure your business keeps moving forward

We created the Fuster Standard after identifying a critical need for rigorous legal support within all Spanish property agencies.


Our market-leading ‘Qualified Approval Process’ sets industry benchmarks for quality, assurance and reliability within the Spanish property market.

 As a market-leading benchmark for property transactions, the Fuster Standard guarantees that all the necessary legal work has been completed in advance, avoiding complications which may otherwise delay the process and frustrate your customers.

Our goal is to reduce potential risks for you and your clients and to facilitate a safe sale for those involved.

What does The Fuster Standard consist of?

Off Plan Developer Map

An intelligent map displaying the widest selection of Off plan Properties with the Fuster Standard guarantee

In this map you´ll find all new housing developments currently being marketed in Costa Blanca North, Costa Blanca South and Costa Cálida.
For clarity purposes all developments on the map are marked with an icon that indicates those developments that are guaranteed to meet all legal requirements for commercialisation.
Our market-leading Qualified Approval Process means that our off-plan Spanish properties are ready to go and guaranteed to meet all legal requirements for your sale.

Agent Networking

Do you feel the best leads are always outside your area of influence?

Is distance preventing you from showing your clients some of the best properties in the market?
The Fuster Standard facilitates collaboration between agents buying and selling property in Spain.
Find the perfect collaborator or partner outside your location and area of expertise and broaden your chances to capture new leads, expand your sales channels and grow your business!

Increase your benefits, reduce your risks!

Real eState Direct Support

You don't have to go at it alone!

A dedicated Fuster & Associates professional will provide all the administrative support you need to embark on this partnership, including tax and legal advice, etc.
All communication channels between you and our team of experts will always be directly open for you.
Having our support will enable you to focus on what is most important for you – selling properties.

Marketing Fuster Support

Market these services to your clients with the Fuster support.

Are you clients interested in your new Spanish offer? We’ll come to you and explain all details, legal, currency, developers, etc. in two formats.

We’ll organise an Open Day for large groups or we’ll manage your clients directly for you.

Client CRM

In today's property market, information is gold!

The more you know, the more efficiently you can operate, the happier your clients are and the better your results.

With the Fuster Standard you will have access to internal processes and updated information.

You will be aware of key details such as the date the purchase contract is signed, when the payments are transferred to the property developer and completions dates among other important steps of the process.

And that’s priceless!

Free resources

For Fuster and Associates, it’s not just about the numbers.

We are passionate about offering legal support to our clients. But we are equally passionate about empowering and supporting our real estate partners.

That’s why we put at your disposal a wide range of free resources that will help you navigate through today´s complex market and achieve better results faster:

F&A's Blog

Our Blog includes the latest news and updates, legal advice, suggestions, tips, success stories, and a lot more!

F&A's Reports

We're constantly analysing the market, its movements and its tendencies. We publish our research in easy-to-read reports that keep you informed and updated at all times!

Legal resources

Access valuable legal resources totally free of charge - contracts templates, check lists and a lot more. Speed up your day-to-day operations and keep your clients happier!

looking for ways to keep your business moving?

Boost your sales offering Spanish properties supported by our team of real estate experts!

Don´t risk your reputation and your business´ name selling properties that could
put your clients in a very difficult position.

With the Fuster Standard you have the guarantee that the properties you are presenting have already passed our industry-leading Fuster Standard approval process.

We are your trusted partner for expert property advice.

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