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5 April, 2017

Madrid continues to charge Plusvalía tax to properties sold at a loss while other regions have annulled the tax

The City of Madrid will continue to apply the municipal capital surtax, known as “plusvalía tax” on those real estate transfers which have been sold at […]
20 July, 2017

Supreme Court Rules ‘Plusvalia’ Calculation “Impossible to Apply”

In a recent ruling against the City of Cuenca’s suggested formula to calculate municipal taxes or Plusvalia payments on property transactions, Spain’s Supreme Court settled the […]
31 July, 2017

The Dangers of Not Declaring Income from Spanish Property Rental

Spain’s tax authorities are prepared to punish those taxpayers who do not declare income obtained from privately renting property they own by removing the 60% deduction […]
12 August, 2017

First Sentence Passed Against Bank in Castellón for Abusive Floor Clause

The consumer union of Castellón has been successful in bringing its first bank to justice, forcing them to pay compensation to hundreds of people wrongly charged […]
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